Powa beam spotlight -175mm 7inch

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Quartz Halogen 12V 

Comes with bracket or handheld 


Adjustable Focus System

These spotlights are fitted with adjustable-focused reflector that makes focusing your beam so much easier. You take the case off, unscrew the lock ring, and spin your reflector until you see the beam you want. Once you have that beam set, simply screw the lock ring back on, put it back in the case and you're set to go. No longer will you need to remove the glass and risk damaging your reflector.

  • Spotlight fitted with Steel Bracket
  • Roof mounted quartz halogen model for use with a remote control handle
  • 175mm diameter reflector
  • 12v 100w Globe
  • All parts are replaceable
  • All alloy construction with quality Steel Toggle Switch
  • Hand focused for maximum performance
  • Comes complete with 1.5m cable & electrical connectors
  • Weight: 693g
  • CP: 500,000